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Our overall goal of Adult Christian Education is to glorify God and equip His people, so that they will have a kingdom impact in their homes, workplaces, Butler County, and beyond.
Our overall philosophy for Adult Christian Education starts with the fact that God communicates truth in context. God intentionally chose language, human capacity to understand, and even social customs to reveal universal truth that is to be obediently applied to life. We desire to be just as intentional.  Believers are “thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Tim. 3:16-17) by properly understanding and using God’s Word.
Current Class Offerings Beginning September 8, 2019:
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Choir Room
The Book of Hebrews present the supremacy of Christ.  This class will continue to work through this book of the Bible in an in-depth, verse by verse manner.
Read Thru the Bible Chronologically
                                Perrin Hall
The Session of Westminster is encouraging everyone to read through the Bible in 2019, so Pastor Dan is teaching this year-long class. Each week we’ll discuss the previous week’s readings and prepare for a better understanding of the upcoming week’s readings.
Walking a Friend Through Genesis
Room 207
“Relationship Evangelism” is a popular phrase in many Christian circles.  However, “relationship evangelism” is only effective if we introduce our friends to the Word of God.  This walk through Genesis is designed to help you do that.
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Mission Focus Sundays
Throughout the year, we have special presentations during the Education Hour from missionaries we support to hear about the current work of their ministry.
January 5, 2020
We’ll hear from our Ministry Partner, the Butler County Family YMCA.  Come here how the Y is strengthening the “C” in their name, how Westminster is partnering with them, and how you can serve!
We’ll also hear more about a new category of our Missions ministry called “Community Connections.”  We don’t support these ministries financially or serve with them cooperatively, but we have members who are actively involved, and we encourage others to participate.  They are: My Choice Medical Clinic, Trail Life USA, Butler Meals on Wheels, and Fishbone Ministries.