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Order of Worship for November 10, 2019
Gathering & Preparation
“The Lord Jesus Christ has prescribed no fixed forms for public worship but, in the interest of life and power in worship, has given His Church a large measure of liberty in this matter. It may not be forgotten, however, that there is true liberty only where the rules of God’s Word are observed and the Spirit of the Lord is (Matthew 15:9), that all things must be done decently and in order (1 Corinthians 14:26-40), and that God’s people should serve Him with reverence and in the beauty of holiness (Hebrews 12:28). From its beginning to its end a service of public worship should be characterized by that simplicity which is an evidence of sincerity and by that beauty and dignity which are a manifestation of holiness” (Book of Church Order 47-6).

  Prelude – Joy in My Morning

                 Peter Gagnon (2008)
*Call to Worship
*Hymn #30                  Our God, Our Help in Ages Past
*Prayer of Adoration

*Affirmation of Faith – The Belgic Confession: Article 31 We believe that ministers of the Word of God, elders, and deacons ought to be chosen to their offices by a legitimate election of the church, with prayer in the name of the Lord, and in good order, as the Word of God teaches. So everyone must be careful not to push himself forward improperly, but he must wait for God’s call, so that he may be assured of his calling and be certain that he is chosen by the Lord. As for the ministers of the Word, they all have the same power and authority, no matter where they may be, since they are all servants of Jesus Christ, the only universal bishop, and the only head of the church.

Moreover, to keep God’s holy order from being violated or despised, we say that everyone ought, as much as possible, to hold the ministers of the Word and elders of the church in special esteem, because of the work they do, and be at peace with them, without grumbling, quarreling, or fighting.
Unison Prayer of Confession
O gracious and gentle and condescending God, God of peace, Father of mercy, God of all comfort: we confess before you the remaining evil of our hearts. We acknowledge that we are too inclined toward anger, jealousy, and revenge, to ambition and pride. Too often have we offended and grieved you, O long-suffering Father. Forgive us and permit us to partake of the privileges that come with being called the children of God.
Silent Prayer
Assurance & Comfort of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Worship through Giving
Offertory – Made One in Christ (Patterson)
*Hymn #731                Doxology
*Prayer of Thanksgiving
Prayer for Our Covenant Children
Children’s Worship [Toddler-Pre-K; K-3rd Grade]

*Hymn                         His Mercy is More

                                     Matt Boswell, Matt Papa (2016)
Scripture Reading – Titus 1
Sermon – The Pastoral Episcopal Presbyter
  Pastor Dan Ledford

*Hymn                       Holy Spirit

                                   Stuart Townend, Keith & Kristyn Getty (2006)

Installation of Officers

Do you, the members of this church, acknowledge and receive these brothers as elders & deacons, and do you promise to yield them all that honor, encouragement and obedience in the Lord to which their office, according to the Word of God and the Constitution of this Church, entitles them?
*Hymn #359              Blest Be the Tie That Binds


*Standing for those who are able