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The Order of Worship for April 22,2018
Gathering & Preparation – God’s people sang the songs of ascent (Psalm 120-134) as they traveled up to worship on the temple mount. Psalm 130 invites the pilgrim to cry out to the Lord who hears our prayers because of His hesed (steadfast, unfailing, covenantal) love.
Prelude – Psalms 130 (Tune: NEW BRITAIN – “Amazing Grace”)
*Call to Worship

*Hymn                         O Church Arise

    Keith & Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend (2005)
*Prayer of Adoration 

*Affirmation of Faith – Westminster Larger Catechism #131-132

Q.131 What are the duties of equals?
A:  The duties of equals are to regard the dignity and worth of each other, in giving honor to go one before another; and to rejoice in each other’s gifts and advancement, as their own.
Q.132 What are the sins of equals?
A:  The sins of equals are, besides the neglect of the duties required, the undervaluing of the worth, envying the gifts, grieving at the advancement or prosperity one of another; and usurping pre-eminence one over another.
Scripture Reading – Philippians 2:1-18

Unison Prayer of Confession 

God of grace, we confess that we have elevated the things of this world above you. We have made idols of possessions and people. We have permitted our schedules to come first and have not always taken the time to worship you. We have not always honored those who guided us in this life. We have been unfaithful in our covenant relationships. We have misrepresented other’s intentions. Forgive us, O God, for the many ways we fall short of your glory.
Silent Prayer
Assurance & Comfort of the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
Worship through Giving 

Offertory – Write Your Blessed Name (Kempis/Scott)

Write your blessed name, O Lord, upon my heart, there to remain so indelibly engraved that no prosperity, that no adversity shall ever, ever move me from your love. Be to me a strong tower of defense, a comforter in tribulation, a deliverer in distress, and a faithful Guide to the courts of heaven through the many temptations and dangers of this life. O Jesu, my only Savior!
*Hymn #731                Doxology
*Prayer of Thanksgiving 
Prayer for Our Covenant Children
Children’s Worship [2 & 3 Year Olds; Pre-K & K; 1st-3rd Grade]
*Hymn #296                All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
Scripture Reading – Numbers 12
Sermon – Gossip Grumbling
  Pastor Dan Ledford
*Hymn #170              Fairest Lord Jesus
Prayer of Intercession for Christ’s Church & the World

*Hymn                       Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder

   John Newton (1774), Laura Taylor (2001)