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Overall Goal:  To glorify God and equip His people, so that they will have a kingdom impact in their homes, workplaces, Butler County, and beyond.
Overall Philosophy:  God communicates truth in context. God intentionally chose language, human capacity to understand, and even social customs to reveal universal truth that is to be obediently applied to life. We desire to be just as intentional.  Believers are “thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Tim. 3:16-17) by properly understanding and using God’s Word.
Current Class Offering:
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Combined Adult & Youth
Sunday School Class
“The Bible & Science”
January 7 – February 25, 2018
Perrin Hall
Teacher: Towner Scheffler, Ph.D.
Join us during the next eight weeks as we learn about revelation, science, theology, creation, and evolution.  At the conclusion of the class, we’ll be able to:
  • identify several ways that science and personal faith interact
  • recognize four interpretations of Creation (Genesis 1, 2)
  • understand how the concept of evolution can be rejected in the face of modern science
  • and much more!
In addition to this time of study, we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with one another as a large, inter-generational group!